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whitson wiki

The whitson wiki contains a collection of topics that we at whitson have worked on during the past 40 years. This wiki is meant to help anyone with an interest in PVT, Gas EOR, Gas Condensates, and Tight Unconventionals.

Much of our wiki information can also be found at (1), (2) the free-to-view YouTube site (whitson Academy YouTube), (3) our whitson technical monthly articles, (4) the SPE Monograph Phase Behavior written by Curtis Hays Whitson and Michael Brule, or (5) the whitson technical papers list. We hope that this wiki-based format will assist you in your search for introductory explanations on relevant topics.

If you have any comments about topics that you feel are not covered sufficiently here, please feel free to let us know by taking contact with our wiki manager (Markus Hays Nielsen), or by contacting us on Whitson AS LinkedIn. We are continually working to improve our wiki content, and we are eager to hear from you about your experience using whitson wiki.